Smoler Smiles on CBS Detroit: Experience A Complete Smile Transformation


If you’re living with a majority of failing and missing teeth, you no longer have to live with the struggles of an empty smile. You can experience a complete smile transformation in just one day with full mouth dental implants in Westland, MI! Through our progressive treatment approach, SmolerXpress™ can deliver a fully custom, completely […]

Warning Denture Wearers: New Study shows Denture wearers have a higher risk of contracting pneumonia!

Dentures that aren’t properly and routinely cleaned may lead to the accumulation of harmful bacteria that can cause pneumonia, according to U.K.-based research published on June 21 in the Journal of Medical Microbiology. A team led by Cardiff University researchers found higher concentrations of pneumonia-causing microbes on the surfaces of dentures in people with pneumonia compared […]