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If you’re tired of the painful and embarrassing limitations of dentures and missing teeth, it’s time for a smile upgrade. With dental implants in Westland, MI you can transform the function and beauty of your smile forever! Our highly experienced, nationally recognized dental implant surgeon, Dr. Bruce Smoler is the region’s leading provider for personalized dental implant care. With the convenience of your entire procedure and fabrication of your prosthetics in a single location, we rival any templated approaches of chain implant centers. The Smoler Smiles method delivers attractive smiles that are designed with permanent functionality to meet your needs and goals for decades. Our forward approach, honest communication, competitive pricing, and confident ability to provide new teeth in a day can transform your smile and change your life. Do not hide behind an unsightly smile any longer, schedule your complimentary consultation with our team today!

Planning A Digitally Constructed Smile

The start of your transformational treatment begins with a free personalized consultation and smile preview simulation. Our sophisticated smile design technology assists in planning your case. We’ll take photos, facial x-rays, a CBCT scan, and digital impressions. Our full arch dental implant impressions are completed with the Trios intraoral scanner, the most accurate way to predictably plan your treatment while omitting messy and uncomfortable impression molds. Our planning phase evaluates your goals while using biometrics to give you a smile that best fits your facial structure. With this information, our dental implant surgeon and specialized laboratory staff can begin designing your detailed and precise smile. As always, your smile is expressly designed for you when you choose Smoler Smiles.


Guided Dental Implant Surgery

The next phase in the dental implant process is your guided surgery. We work diligently to plan the most favorable results for you. With Yomi® Robotic technology we can increase the predictability and accuracy of your procedure, leaving no room for error. Our investment in the most regarded technologies allows for a quick, minimally invasive procedure with less swelling as you heal. As the first practice in the state of Michigan to offer this advancement in dentistry, we are confident in our craft and our results prove that true! Our high-tech treatment reduces surgery duration by 2-4 hours which helps us offer our competitive cost. Our priority is your wellbeing, both in the moment and into the future -- therefore we offer IV sedation administered by Dr. Smoler. Sedation dentistry techniques are monitored by our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) to make certain you're comfortable and worry-free throughout the procedure.


Deliver your Smoler Xpress Transformation

In essentially all of our cases, our unparalleled precision throughout the planning and surgical phases provide us the foundation to deliver your dream smile in a deceptively simple process. For years, our state-of-the-art lab has been used by top dental implant manufacturers as a test center for new technology and future developments. The depth of knowledge and technology available to personalize your Smoler Smiles transformation gives us the advantage to exceed your expectations with incredible clinical accuracy. After your surgery is completed, you will leave the appointment with a complete smile designed for your long-term health, function, and overall improved lifestyle.

The Smoler Smiles Advantage

The Smoler Smiles Advantage The higher level of care you receive at Smoler Smiles can be felt from the moment you schedule your consultation with us. We provide permanently fixed smiles and the comprehensive care necessary to make that happen; all in the convenience of one inviting dental office. Our team uses a completely digital workflow that makes your treatment plan highly customizable yet precise. With over 10,000 dental implants placed, Dr. Smoler has consistently achieved outstanding success for patients and honorable recognition for his dedication to implant dentistry. Dr. Smoler remains at the forefront of dental implant surgery with over 6,000 hours of continuing education, an achievement only 1% of dentists in America can claim. With a full in-house lab equipped with specialized professionals and leading technology, Smoler Smiles is Michigan’s premier solution for restorative dentistry. If you plan to travel to Westland, MI to receive your full mouth dental implants, we have concierge services available to you. For out-of-town patients or even patients who have difficulty driving, call our concierge service coordinator, and ask for details about how we can make your visit to Westland as comfortable as your dental treatments. Our main goal is for our patients to feel good, look great, and live healthier.

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