Understanding Teeth Replacement Options For Denture Wearers

If you are suffering from ill-fitting dentures, lack of chewing ability, or have low confidence in social situations, you’re not alone. Many denture wearers experience these embarrassing situations every day. Now, with dental implants, you can put all these painful limitations and discomforts in the past for good. Dental implants can give you a life of confidence and function with teeth that remain stabilized in your mouth no matter if you’re eating, talking, or laughing. Smoler Smiles in Westland, MI can effectively replace your dentures with a completely fixed smile with full mouth dental implants. At Smoler Smiles we can transform both your health and lifestyle. We will gladly assess and determine the best plan of action for your situation before guiding you through the process of this life-changing procedure.

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We Want to Make Dentures Obsolete

Our mission is to help those suffering with ill-fitting dentures, we have healthier and more permanent solutions.  Dentures have been a antiqued solutions for many generations, but we have personally seen the exceptional difference that modern dental implants can provide.  Dr. Bruce Smoler has been involved in implant dentistry since the inception and has the experience of exponential innovation in this specialized field. The Smoler Smiles experience will prioritize your smile’s aesthetics and function, equally. Our goal is to provide a beautiful smile that performs as natural teeth do. Let’s ditch those dentures for good and explore what full mouth dental implants can do for you.

SmolerXpress™ offers these options:



zirconia fixed bridge

Zirconia Bridges

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Crystal Ultra™

Older Traditional Hybrid Bridge VS. SmolerXpress™ Bridge

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Convenient Care from an Expert Team

Trust Smoler Smiles with your full, upper, or lower arch dental solutions. Dr. Bruce Smoler is a nationally recognized dental implant surgeon with advanced training certificates from across the country. He has specialized in surgical and prosthetic implant procedures for over 30 years –transforming thousands of smiles while placing over 10,000 dental implants. Our state-of-the-art practice includes the first of progressive dental technologies in Michigan including the Yomi Robot that guides your surgical phase with complete precision. Our investment into our advanced in-house laboratory allows us the ability to efficiently design, mill, and finish your restorations with complete focus. This streamlined process has empowered Smoler Smiles to provide customized yet economical solutions to replace Detroit area residents’ teeth.

At your complimentary consultation, you will complete a series of scans that will provide useful data in the planning phases. We will talk about your specific vision for your smile before completing a smile preview in our studio where you will be able to see yourself with your future teeth. Our financial coordinator will discuss all payment details upfront and provide resources to make financing possible. Let us cater to you and construct a future you’ll love!

Be excited to smile!

Visit us and learn the possibilities of fixed, full arch dental implants.