In-House Lab

Our certified dental technician focuses on restorative excellence. We have multiple options to customize aesthetics & strength based on the needs & functional concerns of you, the patient. In our in-house dental lab, we are able to custom-create appliances like dentures and dental implant arches.

From your first consultation at Smoler Smiles, we develop a plan with you for accomplishing your smile goals. Our lab technician will hand-make your specific custom appliance ensuring that the fit, shape, and end result is giving you the highest quality appliance made on-site with only your needs in mind. What once took weeks to be completed can now be done in just a few days!

3-D Printing

Smoler Smiles eliminates the traditional dental laboratory and create restorations faster with our 3D printing process.  For years, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and dental restorations were only made in labs and you often had to wait weeks for your restoration to be ready. 3D printing revolutionizes this! 

Benefits of In-House Lab & 3D Printing

• Save money

• Faster

• Better Accuracy 

• Increased turn around time in prosthetics 

• Immediate load on day of surgery 

• Can print proto type 

• Denture conversion

• No more messy impressions


Our simple & fully integrated 3D printing workflow allows us to focus on what matters most, our patients.

1. Personalize

Using our leading dental scanners & photogrammetry, we easily take digital impressions of our patients mouth and teeth.

2. Prepare

Using the design software, we enhance the digital impressions or simply use our one-click automated workflow to let the software do all the work.

3. Print

Our 3D printer uses advanced technology backed by more than 2 decades of development to deliver speed and performance.

4. Post Process

Rapidly clean and cure our completed 3D printed parts. this ensures stronger dental applications for our patients.

We can make you a candidate!

Don’t delay, call to start the process today.