Smoler Smiles on CBS Detroit: Experience A Complete Smile Transformation

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If you’re living with a majority of failing and missing teeth, you no longer have to live with the struggles of an empty smile. You can experience a complete smile transformation in just one day with full mouth dental implants in Westland, MI! Through our progressive treatment approach, SmolerXpress™ can deliver a fully custom, completely functional, new, and natural-looking smile. Let us erase the years of embarrassment and discomfort in just a single, efficient surgical visit. Don’t wait any longer to achieve a comfort level you haven’t felt in years. What Is SmolerXpress™ ? The SmolerXpress™ is our revolutionary process in which we combine digital workflow and precisely guided surgery. Our proprietary and fine-tuned procedure can take as little as 15 minutes. There are no stitches, and the pain is very minimal. This treatment benefits denture wearers to regain their smile that will last a lifetime. SmolerXpress™ is declaring war on dentures! We have a healthier and more permanent solution to ill-filling dentures!

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