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We love recommending Dr. B Dental Solutions products to our Smoler Smiles and SmolerXpress™ patients. Founder of Dr. B Dental Solutions, Dr. Lorin Berland developed Dr. B Dental Solutions to systematically improve the quality of life for denture wearers and patients with oral appliances like implants, partials, etc.

Dr. B Dental Solutions has a complete range of products for people with dentures and oral appliances which address problems faced by such patients on a daily basis like dry mouth and oral infections. Check out some recent articles written by Dr. Berland about his amazing products and the journey of Dr. B Dental Solutions.


Recent Articles About Dr. B Dental Solutions

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About Dr. B Dental Solutions

Dr. B Dental Solutions is a new company created by Dr. Lorin Berland, one of the most acclaimed authors and thought-leaders in clinical dentistry. Dr. B began his career as a denture technician and gained international recognition for his pioneering work over more than 35 years of practicing dentistry. For over 18 years, Dr. B had been developing and testing products for his patients with oral appliances who all suffered from common issues like Candida Infections, Dry Mouth and Discomfort which affect millions of people but are not addressed by the major brands.

In 2016, Dr. Berland broke his hand in a bicycle accident and was left unable to treat patients. Since he still wanted to continue helping people with their oral health, and his products had been making a real difference in the lives of his patients, Dr. B is now making available to the public a full-line of products for the specific needs of people with oral appliances.

Our unique formulas combine State of the Art Science with Time-Tested, Natural Ingredients. We just launched our first product – Cleanadent Crystals – which is the only soak cleanser that is powerful enough to kill pathogens like Candida and Strep and clean heavy stains and calculus from removable oral appliances in just 20 minutes. It is paired with a high-frequency Sonic Cleaner for an oral hygiene system that deeply cleans and disinfects appliances on a microscopic level without any damaging materials like toothpaste, bleach or chlorine which reduce shine and color.

We also have two exciting new products, Adhesadent, a denture adhesive, and Cleanadent Paste, the only cleansing paste for Implant-Dentures, that contain Vitamins, Antioxidants and Moisturizers to help Relieve Dry Mouth and Support Healthy Gums.

For more resources on how to take care of oral appliances, and special offers on our products please visit us at:


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