What IsSmolerXpress™?


The SmolerXpress™ is our unique system for delivering beautiful and functional full mouth dental implants. Your treatment is led by
Dr. Bruce Smoler who has spent his career focused on providing specialized restorative dental treatments. As a partner and lecturer with BioHorizons, the leading manufacturer of implant dentistry materials and surgical techniques, Dr. Smoler has experienced the innovation in the field of implant dentistry firsthand. Smoler Smiles has mastered the science and service necessary to perfect smile results continuously for each of our patients.

Experience a Complete Transformation

If you’re living with a majority of failing and missing teeth, you no longer have to live with the struggles of an empty smile. You can experience a complete smile transformation in just one day with full mouth dental implants in Westland, MI! Through our progressive treatment approach, SmolerXpress™ can deliver a fully bespoke, completely functional, new, and natural-looking smile. Let us erase the years of embarrassment and discomfort in just a single, efficient surgical visit. Don’t wait any longer to achieve a comfort level you haven’t felt in years.

dental implant model

Custom Smiles vs. Cookie Cutter Treatment

If you have been shopping for dental implants, it’s common for big-box implant centers to offer an off-the-shelf solution for full mouth restorations, further making for outcomes for treatment a gamble. These cookie cutter treatments overlook the individualized care that patients need, and healthy smiles require. Since the success of dental implants depends on various factors, disastrous results are the effect of templated planning. With our advanced dental implant protocol, SmolerXpress™ offers our patients a fully custom treatment plan that delivers teeth on the day of surgery. Every stage is tailored for your specific smile requirements and oral health objectives. As a result, we place 4- 8 dental implants with guided technology and offer prosthetic restorations that are unrivaled in quality.

Custom Teeth Crafted Within our Walls

Designing and producing your prosthetic provisional or temporary set of teeth is a substantial part of your treatment process at Smoler Smiles. Your provisional is worn while your implant sites heal and look and feel like your future and final set of teeth. This process begins with your digital smile design preview which later guides our state-of-the-art software to produce the smile of your dreams. We embrace a completely digital workflow that eliminates messy, inaccurate impression molds including the uncomfortable putty. Our in-house lab fabricates your smile while taking artistic and functional factors into account. Our lab employs a Certified Dental Technician (CDT) who maintains unparalleled levels of quality control while delivering a superior product at a competitive cost.

One Location, One Hand-Crafted Smile

Our unique technology and in-house laboratory make SmolerXpress™ a premium yet affordable solution. By keeping resources and capabilities under one roof we can speed up the timeframe of your treatment plan while trimming out unnecessary costs. Our efficient method requires no other appointments at any other offices which ultimately convolutes the data and your pre-determined outcomes. At Smoler Smiles we provide a turn-key approach to full mouth dental implants. With comprehensive stages that include planning, surgical, and prosthetic fabrication – we have a method that has matured over decades of experience. Let us complete your treatment correctly with our streamlined process designed to increase results while minimizing costs for you.

Our Patients tell the story best

An upgraded smile can change your life forever.

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