The SmolerXpress™ Way

The SmolerXpress™ Way is our revolutionary process in which we combine digital workflow and precisely guided surgery. Our proprietary and fine tuned procedure is the highest quality level of care. There are no stitches, and the pain is very minimal. This treatment benefits denture wearers to regain their smile that will last a lifetime.

The SmolerXpress™ Way is declaring war on dentures! We have a healthier and more permanent solution to ill-filling dentures!

Why Choose The SmolerXpress™ Way?

If you’re living ill-fitting dentures, you no longer have to live with the struggles of an dentures. You can experience a complete smile transformation in just one day with full mouth dental implants in Westland, MI! The SmolerXpress™ Way can deliver a fully functional, new, and natural-looking smile. Let us erase the years of embarrassment and discomfort in just a single, efficient surgical visit. Don’t wait any longer to achieve a comfort level you haven’t felt in years.

The SmolerXpress™ Way vs. Traditional Full Arch Surgery

Most traditional full arch jaw surgeries take hours to complete when IV sedation is requested. Our revolutionary The SmolerXpress™ Way process is efficient and fine-tuned to provide the highest level of care. There are no stitches, and the pain is very minimal. This treatment benefits denture wearers to regain their smile which will last a lifetime. Patients do not need IV sedation. At most, patients only require local oral sedation.

The SmolerXpress™ Way Full Arch Surgery

The SmolerXpress™ Way Full Arch Surgery

Traditional Full Arch Surgery

SmolerXpress™ procedure with no sutures!
Traditional procedure 2-3 hours with gums peeled back & sutured.

Most Patients Are Candidates

Ideal candidates for dental implants are those in good physical health who have sufficient bone and no underlying infection or disease. Even if your case is more complex, involving multiple missing teeth and more extensive bone loss, we can help you become a candidate for dental implants in Westland, MI. Our implant dentist has several decades of experience working with dental implant patients, including simple and complex cases. With the technology in the office to ensure a predictable, efficient treatment for every patient, The SmolerXpress™ Way is Michigan’s premier destination for restorative dentistry. If you’re unsure whether you qualify for dental implants or have been told by another practice that you don’t, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our team to review your goals and our capabilities. With our personalized process, we can make you an eligible candidate for dental implants in Westland, MI.
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Improve Your Health with Dental Implants

Dental Implant Experience Matters

Dental implants are a complex treatment that requires unique training, experience, and skill. If you have many missing teeth and bone loss or are suffering from an oral infection, this only adds to the complexity of your case. Preexisting conditions do not void your candidacy for this treatment, instead, you must seek appropriate care from a team that has seen it all. At The SmolerXpress™ Way, we can guide you down the path to transformative care. We have completed extensive training in dental implants and all related procedures that make this a possibility. We have the know-how to provide dental implants to even the most complex cases and needy patients. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art digital workflows and surgical technologies that help us provide incredibly precise and accurate treatment, with personalized and lasting results.
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One Location, One Hand-Crafted Smile

Our unique technology and in-house laboratory make The SmolerXpress™ Way a premium yet affordable solution. By keeping resources and capabilities under one roof we can speed up the timeframe of your treatment plan while trimming out unnecessary costs. Our efficient method requires no other appointments at any other offices which ultimately convolutes the data and your pre-determined outcomes. At Smoler Smiles we provide a turn-key approach to full mouth dental implants. With comprehensive stages that include planning, surgical, and prosthetic fabrication – we have a method that has matured over decades of experience. Let us complete your treatment correctly with our streamlined process designed to increase results while minimizing costs for you.

Our Patients tell the story best

An upgraded smile can change your life forever.

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