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We’re Michigan’s First Robot-Assisted Implant Office

Dr. Bruce Smoler and our team at Smoler Smiles remain dedicated to providing treatment at the highest standard of clinical excellence. In doing so, we’ve advanced from traditional surgical techniques to offer a new standard in dental implant surgery with robot-assisted technology. Our dental implant center is the first in all of Michigan to introduce progressive Yomi® robot-assisted dental implant surgery. This technology incorporates real-time haptic guidance, so we can operate with multiplied accuracy. Whether your case is complex or routine, we invite you to experience robot-assisted dental implant surgery in Westland, MI.

A Surgical Procedure with a 99% Success Rate

Yomi robotic technology is not a replacement for a skilled and capable doctor. Instead, it empowers Dr. Smoler’s clinical skill and expertise from placing over 10,000 dental implants. Our investment in robot-assisted technology offers us a magnified, 3D image of each patient’s detailed oral structure and anatomy. During the procedure, this tool replicates hand movements to maintain steady guidance. This drastically reduces potential errors that can occur in free-hand or traditionally guided techniques. Even if you move in the chair, the robotic arm’s sensory cues enable modifications in real-time.

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Free-Hand Surgery

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Surgical Guide Surgery


Yomi Robot-Assisted Surgery

The Superior Surgical Choice

Our Yomi robot-assisted dental implant surgery in Westland, MI is the superior alternative to free-hand and surgical guide placement techniques. In terms of precision, adaptability, and safety, robotic surgery technology is second to none.



Haptic guidance from the robotic arm provides physical, audio, and visual cues during surgery to guide us to the precise location and angle to place your dental implants. Visual 3D guidance with 10x magnification offers high-resolution insight into your unique anatomy.



Once the drill is positioned, the robotic arm maintains optimal trajectory by tracking your movements, and guiding adjustments so no deviation from the plan occurs. The guidance also provides a “hard stop,” so we don’t place implants past the desired depth and avoid damaging nerve tissues or sinus cavities.



Real-time guidance provides excellent visibility to remove virtually all room for human error during surgery along with providing a safer and minimally invasive experience for you. With a “flapless” approach, healing is more predictable with less discomfort, swelling, bleeding, and risk of infection.

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